Our Story

We are Tom and Cindy, the proud owners and operators of the 1000 Islands Cruet, a gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room.  Tom is a retired firefighter of 25 years and Cindy is a retired IBM Manager of 37 years.   We are thrilled to be able to bring this exciting culinary experience to Clayton and the 1000 Islands region.

We were first introduced to these amazing extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars while visiting our daughter Jennifer in North Carolina where she took us to our first store.  We were so impressed by the concept and amazed how flavorful they were that we wanted to learn more.  Thus began our journey….  We both felt this would be a great fit for downtown Clayton and something we could share together as we enter into a new chapter of our life.   

After completing our research, we selected Veronica Foods as our importer.  They are a family owned business since 1924 and they had the honor of supplying both the 2014 Sochi and the 2016 Rio Olympics with their extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars.  Selling high quality products is very important to us.  Knowing the crush date and understanding the chemistry of each batch of extra virgin olive oil has helped us appreciate how they differ from other extra virgin olive oils on the market.

The ability to sample the products before buying, as well as the atmosphere and interactive nature of our tasting room is what makes this a fun shopping experience.  While here we will assist you in making your selection and explain the different qualities and health benefits.  Also, we will share cooking tips and suggestions on how to utilize all of our wonderful products.  Our goal is to create an enjoyable yet educational experience for you.  

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting has evolved much like wine tasting. Sharing these high quality and delicious products with family, friends and our community is why we opened the 1000 Islands Cruet. 

Come join us at our tasting room and enjoy some of the very best.  See why folks call us a "must stop" when visiting Clayton, NY